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7th Avenue Partners Inc.

Solutions for Digital Wellbeing

Data science solutions to make your business future-ready, agile, and prepared for growth in a rapidly changing world.

Machine Learning and AI to enhance every business.

7AVP is the key to unlocking business solutions & performing digital transformations.

Helping clients make data driven moves with strategy and confidence since 2005.

Anti Money Laundering

We have experts that can assess and/or implement solutions using industry leading products from Actimize, Oracle, SAS, Accuity Fircosoft and more.

Risk Management

Our risk management team has extensive knowledge with BCBS-239 regulations, CCAR-Basel III &  IV recommendations, and Dodd Frank Act Stress Tests.

Oil and Gas

7AVP’s experts in oil & gas engineering and operations management will help design, manage, and implement projects to make data driven decisions.

Data Migration & Cloud Computing

7AVP brings your data together, and keeps it up to date and in compliance with the most advanced security and technology.

Data Consulting

Our vital information and investigation advisors are power multipliers for our smallest to largest customers.

Reg Compliance

7AVP takes the guesswork out of industry specific regulatory compliance mandates so you can focus on what you do best.

Data Preparation

Cleaning, organizing, and advancing raw information into an ideal yield for analysis designed and customized for you.

Model Generation

7AVP’s data modeling experts assist enterprises in optimizing data flow to accomplish more with your information.

Your Success is Our Business

Every business is unique and 7th Avenue Partners has a large international team of  subject matter experts that work closely with our clients to design the best possible digital intelligence tailored to achieve your company’s goals.

From large international institutions to small private ventures, 7AVP is here to design and implement scalable state of the art solutions to all digital and technical aspects of your business.

Technological innovations designed for you because every industry and circumstance is unique. 7th Avenue Partners uses a wide range of tools to make sure success is your bottom line.

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We work with ambitious leaders who want to define the future, not hide from it. Together, we achieve extraordinary outcomes.