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A Database Report is a report prepared from a summit of queried data visualized for analysis, data discovery, and decision-making. Database reports can be created through common BI platforms and embedded BI platforms through front-end calls to a backend database.

Most big business applications contain a built-in reporting tool; this is simply a front-end interface that runs/calls backend database queries formatted for easy application usage

Benefits of Database Reporting:

      ·     Enhance Your Applications Reporting

      ·     Implement and Deploy Quickly

      ·     Flexibility, Control, and Customization

      ·     Save Money, Time, and Effort

      ·     Scale with Ease

·    Future Proof Your Database Reporting 

7AVP comes with Additional Reporting Features that allow data representation to be taken several steps forward. Regular traditional reporting traits like cascading parameters, which allows you to define limitations on different data factors such as selecting a data range, as well as filtering and sorting abilities which allow you to manage data within a given report, and completely interactive and ad hoc reporting capacities allows you to do much more with a database report.

On the other hand, if you need the database reporting on huge volume, real-time data, or unstructured, you may need a big data storage solution. NoSQL databases are well-enabled at collecting and retrieving big data, which the tabular relations and structure found in relational databases simply cannot. Database reporting on NoSQL data sources requires either a customized SQL connector, ETL tool, or a different native way of locating data

Key Takeaways

  • – Database reporting tools enable you to access any database and generate reports based upon the cached data
  • – Database reporting on NoSQL big data sources relies on a customized ETL solution, SQL connector, or another native  way of accessing data.
  • A database reporting tool typically asks for relational databases using SQL over an ODBC or JDBC connection

With 7AVP, you have the versatility to embed Reports, Dashboards, and Visualizations generated from any Data Source.