7 Avp


Program, Product, and Project Management to make sure every project is designed and completed with care.

  • Program, product and project management for health care providers, hospitals, health insurance, medical device and medical software firms.
  • HIPAA compliance, data security, 
  • Home-based care, telehealth, and hospice platforms.
  • Coordination of care.
  • Integration and monitoring of services across multiple users and providers.
  • Claims management
  • EMR (Electronic medical records) access platforms. 
  • Scheduling software and apps.
  • Medicare and Medicaid coordination of care, coverage and billing collaboration with private insurance entities.
  • Bridging the link between patients and their care providers.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Helping insurers and reinsurers to comply with anti money laundering laws and sanctions compliance.
  • Program, project and product management services. 
  • Screen new applications for insurance and ensure that before any payments go out, you are in compliance with today’s AML and screening sanctions.
  • Monitor for fraudulent patterns and illicit or suspicious activity.
  • Using software such as Fircosoft and Actimize and daily sanctions updates are effortless integrated into your operations. 

Government Services

  • Program, project, and product management
  • Lead high profile monitorship engagements with banks, DFS, and DOJ
  • OCC compliance services.

7AVP has hands-on-experience submitting critical findings, significant observations & recommendations to banks, DFS & DOJ.

Real Estate

Technology solutions to manage your buildings, leases, tennants and more.

  • Payment solutions
  • Tenant Portals
  • Work request portal
  • Cash flow management solutions
  • Automated
  • App development user friendly tennant interfaces for payments, work order requests and more
  • Data consulting
  • Program, project and product development strategies

Telecommunications, Media & PR

Software and website solutions that help increase conversion rates and exposure to their target market.
  • Product, project, and program management