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But okay, sorry for the lyrics, I’ll be on business. TO average $ 600, I order spare parts via the Internet, work is not of office (without advertising). Feelings. But not the point. I took this one. more Now only on business, it was purchased on November 14, 2012 with a discount of 645 thousand at a Moscow dealership, before that from a sports car (although I consider it an ideal car only in the grand tourism class), I owned a Chevrolet Camaro 2012 3.6 last summer, there is no difference, it is generally no, because comparing two cars I think, to put it mildly, not correct and not functional .. the ideal (brought to German impeccability) body lines immediately catch my eye, compared to the previous one, the interior trim will lose only to the jaguar, ventli, IMHO (sitting inside, on the jaguar drove 420 km), the suspension is softer than that of the previous model, handling, 8 points out of 10, dynamics-5.4 up to a hundred, but only on manual switching, brutality, selfishness of the coupe, the appearance of an aristocrat are the main advantages of the car, mileage today is 4.300 , in ice and snow, anti-skid and traction control systems pick up earlier than "already thought", the music of "HI FI Professional" is at the level of options and competitors-Panamera (although the coupe will be released only at the end of 191 3), 911 (smaller, tougher, but more manageable and pretentious), jaguar XkR, Maserati Granturismo, but for 4 ml, you can only choose it from competitors (I mean a completely new car), who has questions, I will answer how and with what I can .. A minimum of buttons compared to, say, seven, is justified by the desire for convenience (apparently). More modest than the exterior, but still at the level. They talk about E32, like a shark. I drove almost all brands and models that are sold in our fabulous country, however, the attention of others, driving comfort, etc., make it clear that you are special. Still indescribable. Lack of wood inserts.

BMW 640 reviews

A car in its class, I think the best of the best Comfort, dynamics, and appearance is just gorgeous The car is not for winter! The option is more summer and highway for long trips, it doesn’t move around the city very much because it’s low, parking, let’s say, is not problematic, but problematic from for its clearance! Maintenance is not cheap, well, you know, this is not a bmw 1 or Mazda 3 Maneuverability at the highest level! Consumption city 12 highway 9-10 An ideal car for ideal roads Such a car should be appreciated and understood! In general, even for our thieves Moscow time, the car is quite high-status, it used to always like to show off, now it has cooled down) Interior. Consumption during annealing 22 l, at
quiet driving on average 14-16 liters. I want to share the experience of owning my baby, baby, etc.)) namely BMW 6er (F13) Coupe 640i (320Hp) 2979 cm³ / 320 hp / Gasoline turbocharged 2012. 01/04/2013 . 04.10.2013 . my age has approached that psychological mark when, the inner voice and financial ability, finally found a compromise and steadily and intrusively became many others. By this car watched for a long time and purposefully. Appearance. It is clear that 300-odd horses are no longer ice, however, with a rather modest weight of a car (this is a coupe), acceleration contributes to the production of adrenaline. I doubt, gentlemen, the real shark is the 6th series, after all, let’s not retrograde. I took this cat from the USA in November 2012, release – 2012, despite the fact that it was bought in Illinois in April 2012, that is, de facto release, most likely the end (11-12) 2011. The front pads, with a run of 8 thousand, the computer issues a replacement after 42 thousand, that I drive a car calmly and rationally .. about the eco-pro function, it really saves fuel if, to say that the purchased car is roughly speaking for 4 million, instead of 15 liters in the city, you just piss with happiness seeing 13.8 on the scoreboard .. about the sport function, sport plus, yes, the car becomes even hotter, the engine spins up to max of the minimum range, the gears turn on noticeably rougher, but for what? segment, which is owned by every second car in our rich country, this is a car, first of all, a fashion, status car, the potential of which is hidden somewhere inside, it does not scream in the stream, unlike other coupes, with its trashy body lines and
exotic headlight optics, this car is not able to surprise people in the supermarket parking lot and you are unlikely to see a teenager filming your car on an iPhone, there will be no pet girls with round eyes and dropped tampons. -respect on the road, the envy of neighbors, a great mood, the desire to wait even longer for next summer and change your stupid wardrobe) I wanted exactly the six, because to 540, 750, etc. somehow became boring, well, there are a lot of them, and we only live once, we still need to stand out. 07/21/2020 I think the car in its class is the best of the best Comfort, dynamics, and looks are just gorgeous The car is not for winter! The option is more summer and highway for long trips, by. more . I am writing a review for the first time, I have poor spelling and punctuation, and even less literary style. don’t judge. Maintenance. 06/16/2013 I want to share my experience of owning my baby, baby, etc)) namely BMW 6er (F13) Coupe 640i (320Hp) 2979 cm³ / 320 hp / Gasoline turbocharged 2012. So far, everything is quite reliable, without breakdowns (I operate strictly in the non-snowy season.) In general, I liked the car, I’m not going to sell it yet (I don’t know what to change it for). In independence, the managers were more cultured (winter
in the yard), so after a week of negotiations, with a discount of 900 thousand, I became the owner of a 640I, in a good package, What was not in the car was a door closer (believe me, the thing for this particular car is very necessary, since the doors themselves large and long and the first time it closes only with a certain effort of the biceps muscle), the rest, everything you need and on business, is a rear-view camera (also, I consider it mandatory, you don’t feel the dimensions behind the trunk), ventilated seats (it’s strongly not recommended to turn it on in the heat , if a young lady with PMS in a short skirt is in the passenger seat), HI FI professional music sounds and sings (but I’m not a music lover and I could hardly tell something more competently about her), the lamps in the doors, handles, thresholds, undoubtedly add to the interior nobility and prosperity, navigation is quite correct in Moscow, within the Moscow Ring Road, heating up the steering wheel is not needed, because the car was planned to be operated only in the summer, there is no space in the back. you don’t have to listen to anyone, if you move the front seats to the middle, then from the back, where by the way it’s not more convenient to get in than into a cornfield, https://cars45.co.tz/listing/bmw/x6/2021 you can give a lift, just give a lift, until these passengers abruptly got out the intervertebral roof and the stomach (or boobs, whoever is more lucky) put pressure on the bladder (I am writing about people of average height, 175-180cm), steering wheel and seat adjustments are quite enough to comfortably drive even with cerebral palsy, the panel is sheathed in leather, but the smell is like from the world of shoes in falconers, the interior seems to everything .. outside, sorry, exterior-wheels 19r model 366, beautiful?
amateur, but 19 profile, not even 20, but 19, yes on a ren flat, takes away all the comfort that every BMW advertisement screams about, yes, a sports coupe, a priori, cannot be soft, since the functions of this car are not at all the same, in which tomato seedlings stick out of the windows in the spring, they write on the forum that replacing with ordinary rubber somehow more or less changes the issue for the better, especially if you also put 18 in diameter .. but, 18 for 6 BMW. why not 16 then from the prado?), when selling, I asked the manager about mudguards, from his smile, I realized that all the same, the collective farm had not completely left me yet), rear windows in shiny moldings, here for an amateur, black wheels to black , shiny to steel, diode lights, turn on only with low beam, functionality is zero, so, an accessory .. now about driving performance .. – to be honest, for sure, many will not agree with me, I still don’t understand what it is? sport kar? (Even let it be a complete set of M)? -No. because with its length, base, it is capable of decent dynamics, sharp reactions to the steering wheel (it becomes more rigid and informative with speed), but remains a sedan in lane changes and turns .. business class, grand tourism?, then where does each bump and crack hits the body with such force that the question of visiting the dealer comes up more and more often. as for the quality of assembly and operation, after the very first day of operation (the car started the season in May, before that it was in the garage), the headlights began to sweat, a call to the dealer persuaded me to wait 10 days, they say this is acclimatization, supposedly, it sucks for her very much in Russia, but she
will definitely adapt)) I didn’t deceive, after two weeks, the condensate passed and the glasses became ideal, in terms of oil consumption, probably already a parable in the towns and the main subject of discussion in all BMW forums, ideally, the service interval is 50 thousand km or once a year! the computer writes about this and the officials talk about it, in fact, at 8 thousand km, my oil level was at the min mark, although I never took part in any drives, and in chases with starts from a traffic light, especially since up to 4 thousand km, the engine speed was not more than 4-4.5, I always thought that running the engine in was a further potential for its work. . my age has approached that psychological mark when, the inner voice and financial ability, finally found a compromise and steadily and importunately began to endure my brain, what the hell, for some reason I simply need a sports car in life, in which when I sit down, all my status choirism will crawl out of oblivion, and all the women in the city will immediately decide that they have never seen a cooler and better man)), looking at posters with Ferrari and Lamborghini for a long time, I almost persuaded myself to buy a 6-year-old F430, but then intervened the rest of my mind and just persistently began to give arguments why I don’t need this car .. and suddenly, I begin to understand that my range of choice (price around 4ml, affordable service, reliable car, external image, a model that would still be relevant 5 years and the presence of 4, albeit conditional places) leave me no choice in the face of two applicants 911 Porsche and 6 BMW. (and vna there were configurations only over 5 ml) will be completed in 5-6 months at best and how awesome it is. that you will be assigned a specific date, a gangbang Nicole Schlesenger with Salma Hayek .. in general, I categorically refused to masturbate for half a year for a dream and all the facts began to indicate that I would be the owner of this car (I’m talking about BMW) .. Now only on the case, but was acquired 14. more I am writing a review for the first time, I have poor spelling and punctuation, and even less literary style. don’t judge. That is not a facelift.

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