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As the IT industry continues to evolve and progressively develop, the need for IT resources is becoming increasingly challenging and complex. Businesses and organizations are continually looking for IT Talent that is equipped to design and build innovative business solutions or to coordinate, integrate, and leverage a wide scope of IT resources and activities. Technology is transitioning at a fast pace, and the expertise required for information systems and technology jobs change just as quickly. If your business is going to succeed, you need an Information technology staffing company that can keep up with those changes.


How We Can Be Helpful

7AVP’s staffing service adopts a data-driven approach to find the best IT talent for your business combining data-backed findings with keen human insight to find highly qualified IT professionals with the right skills and culture suitable for your workplace. We understand that a strong workforce of committed and dedicated employees not only meet the unique needs of your company but will fortify the IT infrastructure, improve productivity, and increase revenues. That is why it is crucial to find the right IT professionals with the right skill sets who can contribute to the success of your business.  7AVP is here to help you with that!

Our network of proven IT talent is comprised of professionals from across the globe, ranging in specialties from UI/UX, .NET, and business intelligence development to software and security engineering and project management. We endeavor to provide qualified technical resources in all IT disciplines and are also able to provide IT professionals with skills that are difficult to find to meet your long-term as well as recurring technology projects.  Whether you are planning to upgrade your systems, or adding personnel bandwidth for special projects, or backfilling critical IT roles, our team of seasoned professionals can use their extensive US IT staffing experience, as well as their business experience and deep network to find for you superior talent that meets your expectations and delivers the right value.

What we Offer

Keeping in mind the changing and expanding needs of technology-dependent companies, we offer our clients the below staffing solutions that suit their needs:

Contract Staffing: Contract Staffing reduces hiring risks, accelerates your hiring process, increases flexibility, and gives you access to highly skilled employees with rich experience. Whether you have a new project and are short on manpower, or need to upgrade your systems and applications, or need to infuse short-term IT for some extra workload or any other reason we can provide you with contract IT staff that can do the job that you expect of them and need them for, and once done move on.

Contract-to-Hire: Contract-to-Hire can be an excellent option if you do not wish to commit to hire new permanent employees, but would like to use the services of an IT professional for a set length of time and later decide if that professional should be hired or dismissed. We can help if you wish to find someone who can get the job done for now, and who would be a great asset if you want to hire them for a long-term role.

Direct Hire: Our Direct Hire is aimed to provide you with full-time talented IT professionals. With our thorough experience and expertise in finding superior quality IT professionals, we can find the right candidates that not only meet your expectations on paper but in performance as well. Whether you are looking for a system architect, or a software developer, or a  cybersecurity expert, or a head IT project manager, or any other full-time position, we can confidently say we will provide you the best fit there is. 

We strive to deliver a level of service that is superior in quality, consistency, speed, and cost for our local, regional, and national clients. We are here if you need to fill critical IT skill gaps, enjoy a flexible workforce arrangement, or scale your team.