7 Avp

The healthcare industry consists of many moving parts that all need to communicate securely across multiple platforms.

7th Avenue Partners works with your agency to ensure seamless integration of patients, providers, pharmaceutical companies and other team members so you can focus on accomplishing your objectives.

Because your agency is responsible for the management and security of critical data, hiring 7AVP means you will have: correct access management policies applied automatically by role, optimal storage, retrieval and backup measures, data governance that protects your agency, clear reliable data integrity and data lineage, and the toughest security measures.

From appointment scheduling software to claims management and coordination of care, 7AVP is committed to finding technology solutions that automate and accelerate the connections amongst patients, care delivery, providers, agencies and claims.

7AVP has worked with numerous pharmaceutical companies handling 852 / 867 / EXF data projects. Track your inventory and distribution with meaningful reporting to ensure warehouses and pharmacies are communicating with ease. Automate the data analysis to make data-driven decisions about inventory, pricing, and targeted market trajectories. From warehouse to storefront, 7AVP makes tracking and reporting simple.  

Our experienced project and program management team makes sure every project is designed and completed with care. We work with your team to design road maps and timelines customized to your agency’s needs.

7AVP specializes in

  • Program management, product management, and project management for health care providers, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, health insurance agencies, medical device firms and medical software firms.
  • EMR (Electronic medical records) access platforms for patients and providers. 
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing supply chain data modeling and reporting.
  • HIPAA compliance, data security and regulatory compliance. 
  • Data governance across multiple agencies. 
  • Home-based care, telehealth, and hospice platforms for patients and providers.
  • Coordination of care across a variety of disciplines and technology platforms.
  • Integration and monitoring of services across multiple users and providers.
  • Patient scheduling software and apps.
  • Medicare and Medicaid coordination of care, coverage and billing collaboration with private insurance entities.
  • Claims management for patients and providers.
  • Data migration and integration from various platforms.
  • Data modeling and automated reporting. 
  • QA and UAT testing and performance guarantees.

7AVP is committed to creating interfaces and data migration services that are easy for anyone to use. Patients, providers, claims agencies, and others have the opportunity to redefine communications. 7AVP will help you spend more time delivering the services you love by streamlining outdated operations. Our experienced team will ensure your company is empowered and inspired with cutting-edge tools to take your agency into the future.