7 Avp

Financial services to keep you competitive and in compliance.

7AVP has a longstanding reputation of bringing state of the art solutions that use technology and AI to a variety of financial sectors. From insurance firms to large multinational banks to small lending firms, 7AVP has a solution for you.

AML & TM (Anti Money Laundering & Transaction Monitoring)

AML and TM project management are necessary to stay competitive and in compliance. We offer a suite of Banking Compliance Services such as  Anti Bribery and Corruption (ABC) services with the highest regulatory standards exceeding the standards of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC), Federal Reserve Bank (FRB), New York Department of Financial Services (DFS), the US Department of Justice (DOJ), Prudential Regulatory Authority (PRA), and other regulatory authorities.

Foreign Transactions and Fraud Protection

Our experienced international team in the financial sector specializes in foreign transactions and speaks the global languages of financial and regulatory compliance. In a global world of finance, fluency and integration with AML Products (e.g. Firco Continuity, FIS Prime and Actimize SAM, Oracle Mantas) are keys to protecting your agency from fraudulent and illicit activities.

Automation and Solutions designed for you 

From stress testing, internal audits, and various other monitoring and testing protocols, 7AVP uses state of the art products and software to keep up with a rapidly changing financial and regulatory landscape. From filtering and reducing false positive alerts in your transactions to KYC (Know Your Customer) Lifecycle management, we take pride in ensuring accurate and usable data. From the IT and data science end to creating products and solutions that roll out across your agency and to your customers, our dedicated team of financial sector experts have you covered.

Risk is Good

Risk management and risk assessment are necessary to keep your firm competitive, agile, and prepared for growth in a volatile global financial climate. Asking the right questions to assess your position and goals for the future allows you to make strategic moves with confidence. Credit risk, market risk, and liquidity risk are just some areas of risk assessment we specialize in.

Consent Orders, Corrective Action Directives and Monitorships

7AVP has the experience and expertise to quickly respond to OCC Consent Orders, MRAs, DFS and DOJ requests for enforcement actions. We perform monitorships, respond, design, and implement solutions to bring you into compliance. We can help banks with findings, observations and remediations with both the internal & external regulatory authorities and also provide monitorship activities until compliance is declared.