7 Avp

Market Risk

Market risk is the chance of an investor (individual or agency) experiencing losses due to the performance of financial markets in general. Using statistical analysis modeling with methods such as the VaR (Value-at-risk) to assess volatility, 7AVP uses multiple data sourcing tools to quantify probability of loss and its recurrence.

7AVP will help identify your risk, risk tolerance, and position within the greater global market.

Credit Risk

Credit risk is the potential that a borrower will fail to meet its repayment obligations. Using data and analysis to assessess your firm’s credit risk will help maintain the right amount of risk exposure so you remain agile and ahead of unexpected losses. 7AVP analyzes your various positions and develops reports to know your risk exposure. 

Know your appetite for risk, and set clear and defined parameters for borrowers so you can make calculated moves.

Liquidity Risk

Liquidity risk is defining a financial institution’s ability to meet it’s financial obligations. What is the health of your current position? Using advanced finance tools, 7AVP will help you calculate the LCR (liquidity coverage ratios) and NSFR (net stable funding ratio). We calculate and report these ratios to make sure your liquidity risk is where it should be.

Increase cash and cash based products or real estate, and reduce non-liquid assets. 

State of the art data analytics and assessment tools to assess portfolio positions and make recommendations so you assume the right amount of risk.