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Strategic engineering and analytics to enhance your data insights and position you for strategic business success.

Let the data drive

Our data consulting encapsulates a range of engineered data design, research, gathering, analytics, and reporting in various forms in collaboration with your audience, systemic, compliance and business goals. We will build your analytic capacity and data competencies to ensure that the right questions are being asked, and the answers are available how and when you need them. 7AVP offers digital and cloud solutions that will keep your business competitive.  


Our Data Consulting service includes scope identification, feasibility assessment, reporting requirements and choosing the best tools and algorithms that bring you results.

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The first phase in data consulting is essential when creating a plan to precisely articulate objectives, assess what is possible with the current available systems and data, and identify where information is missing or needs to be integrated. We design industry based solutions because the data collection method, legal regulations, and reporting objectives vary from one industry sector to another. 7AVP’s Strategy Team has worked on data initiatives with leadership teams worldwide to build compelling information strategies and roadmaps that deliver enduring value.

Understand the problem or requirement from multiple angles

Ingest & process data with state of the art technologies

Clean & shape the data to ensure efficiency

Evaluate & create models 

Results and insights designed for your audiences


There is immense value in your data, and 7AVP makes sure it’s telling the correct story to keep you ahead of the competition and in compliance. Using the intersection of data, business intelligence, processes, tools, people, your company’s objectives, and changing regulatory landscapes, we take the guesswork out of success. We specialize in analyzing, manipulating, tracking, internally and externally managing various data streams while placing the right emphasis on accurate and timely alerts and reporting. 

From large multinational agencies to small and mid-sized firms, our consultants are ready to work with you. Whether it’s ongoing BAU support or using 7AVP for a defined objective, we are an experienced solutions provider. Your success is our business.

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AI, start-of-the-art technology, and cloud-based applications create the best automated solutions for your objectives. Our Data Scientists identify what data is needed, and how best to acquire and integrate the data into meaningful insights. Easily customizable and scalable for all your needs, our team is dedicated to designing the perfect solution. MS SQL Server, NoSQL, Oracle PL/SQL, Sybase Transact SQL, IBM UDB, Cassandra, and Hadoop are examples of database products that our team frequently works with to manage large data streams. We also use Tableau, Microstrategy, Business Objects to generate management and BI reports.

Training and Maintenance

7AVP takes responsibility for the strategic growth and success of our clients by helping you release new features, introduce more tools and data sources, and integrate products further into your agency. Change can be hard on both employees and customers. We deploy the most sophisticated tactics to engage with your company’s employees and integrate their first-hand and valuable knowledge through the change process so they are both invested and well equipped to bring you into the next phase. Our goal is to make their work more efficient and reveal more valuable company insights. We work closely with your agency to ensure seamless implementation, training, and hand-off. We stand behind our work and make sure your team is ready to fly.

data analytics consulting services

7 AVP Data services

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Data Preparation


Model Generation

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Performance Tuning


Data Migration & Integration

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Data & Database Reporting

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Data Governance

How Can We Help

We are experts at solving complex business problems and aiding business transformation by helping our clients derive value from raw datasets and enabling them to create and transform their strategic data assets. Whether you want to upgrade your company’s range of capabilities or maximize customer experience, you can unleash Data Science’s Power using our Data Science Services.