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The Doctor’s Appointment Booking App is the future of modern hospitals. It enables doctors, patients, and healthcare companies to benefit from a simple but powerful technological device. It brings doctors, patients, and other health professionals together under a single platform. On-Demand Doctor Appointment/Booking Apps help the patients connect to doctors directly, share reports, and get prescriptions online. Our Mobile App Development Team, with extensive experience, has built budget-friendly and easy-to-use solutions, ensuring that your app provides the right experience to the patients.

Basic features of the app content are booking slots, report sharing, video consulting, etc.


Features of On Demand Doctor Appointment Booking App/Website:

Patient App

Doctor App

Web Admin Panel

      Easy login


      User profile


      Appointment booking


      In-app chat


      Doctor location


      In-app payment




      Ask health questions


      Set favorite doctor


      Upload health related documents


      Schedule for house call


      Treatment history


      Family member’s profile


      Set search radius


      Doctor directory


      Doctor identification


      Doctor profile


      Appointment status check


      Booking slot edits


      Accept/reject booking


      In-app chat


      Online prescription


      Social Media login


      Set availability


      Treatment history


      View patient details


      Secure login


      Manage booking


      Manage patients


      Circulate articles


      Manage doctor


      Manage booking app


      Manage reports


      Service module


      Create sub-admins


      Treatment history


      Approve doctor profile


      Manage ads




With a Doctor Appointment Scheduling App, Clinics can:

  •      Improve streamlining processes and efficiency 

         Better staff scheduling management

         Book Appointments and avoid overbooking

         Save time on organizational tasks

         Reduce human errors 

          Get insights on organization performance 

Patients can:

  •      Access healthcare 24/7

         Schedule or reschedule appointments

         Text-based chat

         In-app messages

         Get Answers from professional healthcare providers

          Access and pay bills online

Our Doctor Appointment Booking App Development Service would ensure you the best experience Between  your Clinic and Patients.