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  • July 27, 2022
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No, much to my regret. Therefore, I wrote my review rather in the style of supplementing an existing review where there are screenshots of the image from the camera and they are pretty good. But I did not take cameras for the sake of printing, because its meaning is zero for me. Matrix 3mp, 1/3" CMOS (actually 3.2mp) Maximum resolution 2048×1536 I tried different cameras, but somehow I came across products from ILDVR and Hikvision more often, mainly because of the convenient software. Here we will talk about the cameras of the second manufacturer, or rather about their one, but very successful model. Inside, the packaging is absolutely no different from the branded one, the same "house" made of foamed polyethylene, it is very difficult to damage the camera in such a package, especially considering the strength of the camera itself. Sensitivity 0.028 Lux They came without problems. Before, like everything else, I used analog cameras, now of course I switched to digital, I don’t want to go back. This is what the whole set looks like. Packed quite simply, but quite securely, it is very difficult to damage the camera during the delivery process. The box of the camera is 1 in 1 in size with the branded one, in which the cameras are sold with us, the only difference is the lack of printing. I ordered four cameras in three passes, the first for testing, then three more. There is also a default IP address, username and password. On one of the ends of the package there is all the minimum necessary information about the camera. I have been involved in video surveillance systems for many years. I’ll make a reservation right away, screenshots of images of the street, etc. Maximum frame rate 30 (in 1920×1080 mode) And I just wanted to recommend a normal seller with good prices.

ds-2cd2032 Cameras I like.

For those who are interested, come in. When I was doing the review, there was just a few days of nasty weather, and then the cameras left for their regular place.

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