Studio apartment: interior, layout and space zoning

The layout of the studio apartment provides excellent opportunities for creating a comfortable space, flight of fancy and making non-standard design decisions. Unlike an ordinary apartment, the studio has only a few load-bearing partitions and a bathroom enclosure. Otherwise, the organization of space remains with the designer.

Despite the seemingly unlimited possibilities, often the development of an apartment – studio, photo interior and its layout implies an attempt to fit the maximum of elements into a small space. Creative free zoning of the premises in this case is not a priority. Recently, studios have become very popular, because, despite the small area, you can fully live in such an apartment, not only for one person, but also for a small family.

Initially, the studios appeared in the United States, they were the residence of poor families, students and immigrants. Due to the acute shortage of affordable accommodation, studio apartments have become the best solution for many visitors. Such an apartment traditionally includes a bathroom, kitchen and directly living space. The studio usually has only two doors.

As is often the case, over time, studios have turned from budget housing into quite interesting apartments in terms of design, which are popular in our time.

Of course, the interior and layout of the studio-studio will have a number of features and rules associated primarily with a small space.

1. One of the main difficulties is the organization of the sleeping area – the most problematic place in a small apartment. A large bed will take up most of the room, but you can’t do without it. But you can use a transformable bed, it is removed "into the wall" and in the daytime will not interfere with the residents.

2. Storage can also be a problem: as a rule, large and bulky cabinets simply do not fit into the modest space of small studios. This problem is solved by replacing traditional cabinets with small hangers. Another solution is to create a wardrobe in which you can store things of all residents.

Of course, it will take up quite a lot of space, but this will free the rest of the apartment from numerous small cabinets.

3. A seating area is best placed by the window and put a small sofa in it. A good addition to the zone will be a coffee table with an armchair or ottoman. To separate the zones from each other, you can use shelving and other small partitions – they will not take up much space, but will allow you to set visual boundaries.

The main thing is not to overdo it, otherwise the design concept will be violated, and the apartment itself will be cluttered.

– The style in which the studio apartment will be decorated also matters. You should not choose complex directions, such as empire, vintage or classicism.

– It is very difficult to create a full-fledged interior on 30-40 square meters in such styles, they require much more space. For a studio apartment, styles are best suited, one of the main criteria for the creation of which is minimalism – loft, lounge, brutalism, constructivism, Scandinavian style.

– A loft-style studio apartment is an excellent example of a harmonious interior for a small